WHAT are knotless braids?

Knotless braiding is exactly what the name suggests; braid extensions secured to a clients hair without a knot at the base. It's a feed in braiding technique that has changed the braid experience for Black women everywhere! Most importantly, it heals generations of trauma associated with painful braid installs and reintroduces women to a timeless hairstyle option.

WHY knotless...

When done beautifully, the knotless technique is a painfree, seamless braid install, that allows the braids to lay flatter on the scalp and makes the extension look more natural. It gives women the ability to style their braids right away with little to no discomfort. These reasons alone make the knotless technique powerful!

Word on the street...

Ms. Hair and Humor with client & braided messy bun pro Julee Wilson, Cosmopolitan Beauty Director, former Global Beauty Director of Essence explaining why stylists/braiders/everyday women should enroll in the Knotless Nation braiding course.

"Best decision ever! No matter what level you are in, classes like this help so much. Especially when the teacher really loves what they are doing, you get soooo much more out of it. This class in particular, GEMS on top of GEMS and you come out even more experienced. I've taken several classes, this one made a drastic change in my life. I literally love Ms. Hair and Humor."

-Lucille, @snip2mylu

Knotless B.R.A.I.D.S. blueprint class

"Book her class while she is offering it! She is a dope teacher. Besides technique, my biggest takeaway was time management. Before her class I had no control over my books. Now my appointments never run into each other because I plan better."

-Tiana, @beautybytianak

Knotless B.R.A.I.D.S. blueprint class